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The Formanchie

Item Name: The Formanchie

What does an insane toy creator eat while preparing for a toy launch?
The Formanchie!
As detailed in the 12/7/2009 Glyos Transmission Log:
The Formanchie
-One slice potato bread
-A smear of peanut butter
-Some older jam (nothing by Debbie Gibson)
-A fist full of crushed Fritos
-Four slices of Boar's Head pepperoni
-No other choices
Onell Design ran a contest where people would get a special prize for eating one of these sandwiches. The prize still has yet to be revealed, as of December 2011.

Year: 2009

Item Images

The Formanchie
Half-eaten Formanchie.
Credit: 2009 Onell Design
  The Formanchie
Matt cooking Formanchies.
Credit: 2009 Onell Design