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Item Name: Noboto

Noboto is one of the earliest Glyos designs to be shown since the mass-production line has been created, but has not been realized outside of a head in the Custom Corps as of December 2010.
When he has appeared in the Custom Corps, Noboto has used either a standard sized body, or a smaller one reconfigured from existing parts. The prototype body shown below has not shown up to date.

From the Onell Design blog on 12/21/2007: "Gobon must be getting lonely without his partner in crime, Noboto. Michelle has developed a whole world for her characters to live in and it's spilling out into ours more and more. This monster hunting mini Sincroid is getting set for a trip overseas to get cloned and we aim to have Noboto ready for SDCC 08. Monsters must be lurking around here somewhere..."

Year: 0
Original Price: N/A

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Credit: 2007 - Onell Design