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1986 Figures

Battle Brawlers are a Kenner line from 1986. It consists of only two figures: Crackarm and Hammertail.
Historically, Hasbro and Kenner would attempt to introduce toylines at a higher price point than their gargantuan successes - Star Wars and Gi Joe: A Real American Hero. Frequently, this resulted in overly gimmicked toys to give "more bang for the buck."
Hasbro's attempt, TRIBES, never saw retail shelves, and was later reworked into the Conan the Adventurer line.
Although I do not have an original boxed piece in front of me, I would guess these guys were over $10 in a time when figures were averaging $3- $5.
Images for this line graciously provided by eBay friend Roland13. Check out his webstore here.


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