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Apocalypse Extra Set

Item Name: Apocalypse Extra Set

From Banimon.com's description: Headhunter Packs
(limited to 50 sets!)
Each Headhunter Package includes two round Callgrim posters and a set of 3 Glyos system heads. Both posters are 10" in diameter, 3-colors with the 3rd color variant in black or white, printed on sturdy chipboard. Posters were screenprinted by hand, so there may be some variation in registration. Each head pack includes an Apokalipse Scar Pheyden head and a random selection of 2 of these possible heads: Apokalipse Sarvos, Apokalipse Exellis, Apokalipse Phanost, Sentry Sarvos and Sentry Phanost.

Year: 2010
Item Code: C006A

Item Images

Apocalypse Extra Set
Credit: 2010