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Bio Pheyden

Item Name: Bio Pheyden

Bio Pheyden is a Pheyden who was featured on the Glyos blog, but never officially sold.
He can be built from Founders Series Reverse Exellis, Standard Exellis, and Phase Pheyden.

The official story of Bio Pheyden:
From the 11/16/2007 Glyos blog post:
"After the first encounter with the alien absorbing Villser, Pheyden summoned another version of himself that was better suited for combat with these deep space beasts. Enter Bio Pheyden, one of the strongest alternate Pheydens in any known dimension. Wearing a special hardened Flexion Suit, Bio Pheyden actually comes from a world infested with the Villser species."

From the 11/18/2007 Glyos blog post:
"Bio Pheyden had been caught in the crushing claw of the Shadow Villser with no sure escape. Just as time is running out, a mysterious blue Sincroid appears and levels the Shadow Villser with one precise blow, sending Bio Pheyden and his former captor into the hangar wall. The strike proves to be a fatal one for the Shadow Villser, leaving only Bio Pheyden alive. His pride damaged more than his armor, Bio Pheyden gives only a nod to his enigmatic savior, offering nothing more as he passes him by. Somehow, he knows they will meet again..."

From the 12/19/2007 Glyos blog post:
After nearly being destroyed by a renegade Villser, Bio Pheyden begins to lose control of his form, strangely mutating into hybrid creature. Somehow the wounds inflicted by the Villser infect Bio Pheyden's system, causing a unique transformation into an advanced, all new lifeform. This new specimen's first act is to create two smaller clones to do it's bidding . Is there any part of Bio Pheyden's mind left in this beast? Is this the true power of the Villser, to corrupt all living things? A Pheyden from a deadly dimension may hold the answers... "

Year: 2007
Original Price: $8 (in parts)/$24 (the figures needed)

Legal Info: Onell Design 2007-present

Item Images

Bio Pheyden
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design
  Bio Pheyden
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design
  Bio Pheyden
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design