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Exellis - Standard

Item Name: Exellis - Standard

Exellis is the lost leader of the Sincroids.
(information from the handout)
(information from the blog)
To date, a shadowy figure who may have been Exellis has shown up in a Passcode, but it is unknown if it actually is Exellis, or another Sincroid who resembles him.

Exellis is one of the main characters in the Glyos System, and a second version (Mark II) has been produced. The original Exellis shown here is purple, while the second version is more brown.
Exellis can be found as a hand-cast figure, in gray and white. This figure was used in an ad shown in Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review.

Fun fact: Standard Exellis is one of the only figures whose Reverse was not destroyed and saw release.
Fun fact: until the Founders wave, this figure was very difficult to get. It would take hours of meticulous work to clean a figure enough for release.
Fun fact: Exellis has seen many less releases than Pheyden has.

Year: 2007
Item Code: G0004

Item Images

Exellis - Standard
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design
  Exellis - Standard
Capture Suit Exellis
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design