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With a full PASSCODE, what is essentially the Phanost origin wave crushed the fans in December 2009.
G079 Powered Armodoc (first preview 2009/09/27 -Superfestival 50 Japan, then in Passcode 12/09)
G080 Ayosire Armodoc (2009/09/27 -Superfestival 50 Japan; full release 12/09)
G081 Reverse Ayosire Armodoc (2009/10/24-25 - Design Festa 30 Japan;full release 12/09)
G082 Hybrid Sarvos MKII
G083 Reverse Sarvos
G084 Classified Scar Pheyden
The next four figures were Passcode exclusives.
G085 Dark Scar Pheyden (with scarf, black phase arm, pink proto phase arm, bonus head)
G086 Phosis Sarvos (with Phase Arm, shoulder piece, and Gobon Blaster)
G087 Phanost MKII with ArmoDestroyer
G088 Rusty Gobon
By this time, the figures were so popular that items were selling out within hours of the launch. Going into 2010, the fans wondered where the story would go next...

Series 9 - December 2009

group item image
Powered Armodoc
group item image
Ayosire Armodoc
group item image
Reverse Ayosire Armodoc
group item image
Hybrid Sarvos MK II
group item image
Reverse Sarvos
group item image
Classified Scar Pheyden
group item image
Dark Scar Pheyden
group item image
Phosis Sarvos
group item image
Standard Phanost MK II
group item image
Rusty Gobon