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Wave Eight (August 2009) consisted of fifteen figures. Some figures were previewed at SDCC 2009. This wave is important for the 1st release of the Armodocs, Gobon, and Nemica Scar Pheyden.
G064 Nillin Scar Pheyden w/ Nillin Phanost head (7/09, Warp Zone)
G065 Standard Pheyden MKIII (8/09)
G066 Imperium Phanost (8/09)
G067 Rockum Buildman (8/09)
G068 Megas Buildman (8/09)
G069 Halos Buildman (8/09)
G070 Rothan Buildman (8/09)
G071 Violos Buildman (8/09)
G072 Ultriun Buildman (8/09)
G073 Standard Gobon (8/09)
G074 Stealth Gobon (8/09)
G075 Standard Armodoc w/Prisoner Pheyden(8/09)
G076 Reverse Armodoc w/Prisoner Pheyden (8/09)
G077 Standard Sarvos MKII (8/09, new chest, Warpzone release)
G078 Nemica Scar Pheyden (8/09, Passcode release)
Unfortunately, these first Armodocs would be some of the rarest, as many of them were lost in shipping. A limited amount of the above figures were available at SDCC due to the time of arrival of the figures. Figures were arriving during the con, resulting in people missing out on some items depending on what day they went to the show.
However, there were no paint issues in sight, and the second Passcode revealed the origin of Nemica Scar Pheyden and more about the mysterious Phanost.
Either by the demand of the fans or the creator's desire, more would be revealed about Phanost soon...

Series 8 - August 2009

group item image
Nillin Scar Pheyden
group item image
Standard Pheyden MK III
group item image
Imperium Phanost
group item image
Rockum Buildman
group item image
Megas Buildman
group item image
Halos Buildman
group item image
Rothan Buildman
group item image
Violos Buildman
group item image
Ultriun Buildman
group item image
Standard Gobon
group item image
Stealth Gobon
group item image
Standard Armodoc
group item image
Reverse Armodoc
group item image
Standard Sarvos MK II
group item image
Standard Scar Pheyden