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The innovative Glyos system continued in February 2008 with eleven new items in two separate batches - the first being three new Pheydens and three Exellis variants, followed by a new character - the Crayboth - in ten color variations sold as two-packs. Paint work continued to be an issue on the figures, necessitating a massive amount of cleanup prior to arrival in the hands of the fans.
Series Three would follow in March 2008. Wave Two (February 2008) consisted of six figures, and the first five Crayboth 2-packs.
G007 Rothan Pheyden
G008 Nebula Pheyden
G009 Frontier Pheyden
G010 Solaris Exellis
G011 Cyber Ghost Exellis
G012 Eidrallim Exellis
G013 Crayboth set 1 - Standard and Clear Purple
G014 Crayboth set 2 - Marauder and Clear Blue
G015 Crayboth set 3 - Sentinel and Clear Yellow
G016 Crayboth set 4 - Disruptor and Clear Orange
G017 Crayboth set 5 - Red and Green Aura

Series 2 - February 2008

group item image
Rothan Pheyden
group item image
group item image
Frontier Pheyden
group item image
Solaris Exellis
group item image
Cyber Ghost Exellis
group item image
Eidrallim Exellis
group item image
Crayboth - Standard & Clear Purple (Pack 1)
group item image
Crayboth - Marauder & Clear Blue (Pack 2)
group item image
Crayboth - Sentinel & Clear Yellow (Pack 3)
group item image
Crayboth - Disruptor & Clear Orange (Pack 4)
group item image
Crayboth - Red & Green Aura (Pack 5)