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The initial launch of the Glyos system occurred in 2007, at the San Diego Comic Con. Previously, all Glyos items were hand-cast.
The initial release consisted of six official figures.
G001 Standard Pheyden V1
G002 Gears Edge Pheyden
G003 Phase Pheyden
G004 Standard Exellis V1
G005 Aves Exellis
G006 Hyper Exellis

It has to be said that the first release of these figures was a massive disaster. Not in the reception of the figures, but in the figures themselves.
Due to a communication error with the factory, the paint lines on the figures were not detailed correctly, resulting in figures literally covered in black paint. As such, the figures needed to be cleaned by hand prior to release. This helped account for Aves Exellis and Gear's Edge Pheyden being nearly impossible to get until well into late 2009.

The next figure was sold in a limited edition of 20 at Chiller Theater in NJ, 2007.
G00F Reverse Exellis V1
The original figures were made available again as the Founders Edition, during December 2009 and January 2010.

Additionally, there are two additional figures with unique parts that were given away (or sold) at SDCC 2007:
Skull Pheyden (approximately 12 in existence)
Blue Sincroid (approximately 12 in existence)
Finally, there is an additional character that can be built using pieces from Reverse Exellis, Standard Exellis, and Phase Pheyden: Bio Pheyden.
Inbetween Series 1 and Series 2, Onell put out a limited edition hand-cast black Pheyden head called Eclipse Version Pheyden.
Series 2 would follow in February 2008.

An informative article about Glyos appeared on the popular ToysREvil blog at the same time as the launch: Glyos story
These figures were released again as the Founders Edition. The story was finally revealed about how the paint had been screwed up, and on 12/25/09, Standard and Gear's Edge Pheydens, as well as Aves and Hyper Exellis, were put on sale for a special price of $4 each.
Founders set 2 was unleashed on 1/9/10 - Reverse and Standard Exellis, as well as Phase Pheyden.

Series 1 - July 2007

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Pheyden - Standard
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Gear's Edge Pheyden
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Phase Pheyden
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Exellis - Standard
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Aves Exellis
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Hyper Exellis
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Exellis - Reverse
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Bio Pheyden
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Skull Pheyden
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Blue Sincroid
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Eclipse Version Pheyden