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What can I tell you about Jazwares?

Jazwares is a company that was formed in 1997. General consensus is that their early days were terrible - Mega Man circa 2003, Street Fighter figures based on the SOTA versions but neutered in articulation, and Mortal Kombat figures that were not all that great.
However, the company has progressed over the years, putting out a series of Sonic figures that has prospered over the years, as well as an excellent series of Mega Man Retro Roto Figures.
With new creative leadership and a greater emphasis on quality product, the new Jazwares is making a push towards greatness. In recent times, they have put out A-Team and Percy Jackson figures of a high quality while continuing the Sonic line, as well as releasing figures based on the popular "Robot Chicken" show.
Additionally, licenses have been signed for 3 3/4" STREET FIGHTER figures and the master toy license (meaning any scale, any type of product) for MEGA MAN.

It is my hope that we can finally have a line of Mega Man figures that is in-scale, well designed (he doesn't have to be 5 inches tall - Mega Man himself should be no more than 3 inches so every Robot Master can be done), comprehensive, affordable (compared to the Japan-only stuff I've previously bought), and of a high quality.
-John K.

Brands for this company:

brand item image Astro Boy (Movie) (2009)

brand item image A-Team (2010) (2010)

brand item image Sonic the Hedgehog - 20th Anniversary (2011)