WRECKER the Demolisher
DX Genesis ROBO FORCE'S WRECKER the Demolisher
Cost $30
First appearance of Wrecker in the modern line!
The first release in the Deluxe Robo Force line,
this kit includes fifty-eight Glyos-compatible pieces.
Limited to two per customer.

Sold Out!

SENTINEL the Protector
Hunter ROBO FORCE'S SENTINEL the Protector
Cost $16
First appearance of Sentinel in the modern line!
Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force kit
which also allows you to build Maxx Zero, Hun-Dred, Enemy,
or your own robotic creation!
Matches the recent Ultra-Silver Glyos and Kabuto Mushi releases exactly.
No limit on quantities purchased.



includes three fully-compatible Glyos parts - with an all-new paint application on the belly!
Cost $15
Sold Out!
  SEAS OF UZALEK Mordle Edition
includes the ten classic Mordle designs shown above.

Cost $10


ZINTAR the Explorer
Cost $1
Sold Out!

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